Don't ever draw Killua kissing the fucking alluka they're just fucking brothers

oh im sorry, you dont like what i draw?? well luckily im not here to cater to everyone and ill continue to draw whatever i please, so kindly take yourself off my blog and ignore it if it bothers you so much! thanks!!

girl pls you are not gross you are adorable pls keep drawing bless

arigatou………my friend………. _:(´□`」 ∠):_

im a gross and very horrible person

i almost dont want to tag this.. because im ashamed… but i drew some babies in naughty outfits last night…..ヾ(´(エ)`ノ゙ dont look at me

i couldnt decide on pink eyes or blue eyes so i did both ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ im sure you guys can guess who my fav character is in hxh haha

today commemorates the end of the hunter x hunter 2011 series and i felt that the best way to end such an amazing and touching story would be to draw everyone together one last time!

however their journey isnt over yet……there are still many more to come!! thank you so much!

a friend of mine briefly discussed with me what killua would look like with kallutos eye colour instead of blue…… i drew it..

i really really really really really like killua

tonights talesof_69 prompt was “outfit swap” and i have been in a juvar mood all dang day. so here u go. take me to hell with you all. i love ivars hair

you may want to ask yourself what ive been watching these days……….hxh took over my life fairly quickly