i couldnt decide on pink eyes or blue eyes so i did both ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ im sure you guys can guess who my fav character is in hxh haha

today commemorates the end of the hunter x hunter 2011 series and i felt that the best way to end such an amazing and touching story would be to draw everyone together one last time!

however their journey isnt over yet……there are still many more to come!! thank you so much!

a friend of mine briefly discussed with me what killua would look like with kallutos eye colour instead of blue……..so i drew it..

i really really really really really like killua

tonights talesof_69 prompt was “outfit swap” and i have been in a juvar mood all dang day. so here u go. take me to hell with you all. i love ivars hair

you may want to ask yourself what ive been watching these days……….hxh took over my life fairly quickly 



Art Switch-around Meme, featuring the Handsome Tales Blondes by 3 of your favorite Tales artists on Tumblr

I always wanted to do this meme and thank you so much girls for doing it with me! ;w; I was really excited to see the end results aND THEY CAME OUT JUST PERFECT

Be sure to check these two out tho you probably know themMelody (ikb), Sam.

ahhhh thank you so much for letting me do this with you guys!!!!!!!! everything looks so good! yay for tales blondes ^q^

WOOOW THIS LOOKS AMAZING GUYS!!!! *SOBS* im so glad i got the chance to do this with two really talented artists wow what an honor T__T tales blondes ftw

for the first tales of 69 prompt it was hairstyles so i drew knight yuri with a braid……its hard drawing with a broken thumb

was feelin bored so i painted an oc! its rare i ever spend this much time on a drawing these days

many yuris! i did this while half asleep